Remembering Nanay (aka Lola Lina)

16 years ago, my grandma passed away in the comfort of her home in the Philippines, surrounded by family. My sister, mom, 2 aunts and I had flown out to spend the prior week with her in the hospital. She still had so much spunk. She had convinced our younger cousins to give her scissors so she could get rid of her catheter!… I still remember her last words were something along the lines of "I'm hungry. Give me some rice." I love it. Going out with literally such an appetite!… This photo was taken in September 2000 in the Philippines when we were celebrating her last birthday… I miss her every day but truly believe that she's reincarnated in Drae. They have that same bad-ass attitude mixed with goofiness and bear-hug kind of love. And let's not forget their love of talcum powder. Love you, Nanay. I can still feel you watching over me. #tbt #nanayknowsbest #family #love #philippines #missyou #thankyou

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