About Us

Photo of Nanay in the Philippines and Arlene and Ardith in Daly City

Sister team Arlene and Ardith have teamed up to develop various interdisciplinary projects since early 2003. Their first project was a collection of t-shirts honoring their Filipino-American heritage and Rosalina Santos Jacinto (aka “Nanay”), their late grandmother who helped to raise them.

Eventually, Arlene and Ardith plan to work on music videos and films. They also hope to design multimedia events and spaces to feature the talent of their DJ friends and bring the magic of music and dancing into the everyday lives of everyday people. IE: they want to throw the best parties legally possible.

They draw their inspiration from their family and friends throughout the world…

Barkada = “posse” (Tagalog)
Ko = “my” (Tagalog)

About Arlene

She’s not just a pretty face! She is to her sister as Gabbana is to Dolce. Arlene’s artistic vision makes a project or product uniquely “BARKADA(KO).” She knows the exact color or song or typeface or material or stylistic reference to make or break a concept. Nothing is final without her blessing.

An expert on film, television, music and American pop culture, Arlene has been working with Entertainment Tonight for over 17 years!!!


  1. speed-reader
  2. Korean language student
  3. wants to learn how to play drums before she dies
  4. loves to dance
  5. loves potatoes

About Ardith

She’s the ate [AH-teh: (Tagalog) “big sister”]. Doesn’t mean much except that she enjoys her sister’s unconditional love and admiration. For someone who had no intention of getting into web design, Ardith’s best known for her web design work from the past 22 years. Macromedia blah blah blah Akimbo Design blah blah The North Face, Beringer, and Sony Pictures, blah blah blah 3 web design books blah blah Attik blah blah other ad agencies blah blah blah Isaac Mizrahi, Mally Beauty and Belkin…


  1. francophile
  2. sunglass addict
  3. collects photos of the number 5
  4. loves to dance
  5. loves potatoes

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