Mally + Manny

It’s quite a week for celebrity Filipinos!

A couple of nights ago was the debut of the Mally Beauty infomercial!  You can re-watch it online.  Don’t blink around minute-19!  You might catch a couple familiar faces.

Barkada(ko) Sisters' Debut on late-late-late-night TV... (

We are so excited for Mally!!!  This week also marks the re-launch of her website AND on Saturday, May 7th, there will be a huge Mally marathon on QVC starting at 12am ET until 10pm ET!  Can’t wait!

Speaking of Saturday, we also want to announce the launch of our latest Manny Pacquiao tshirt designs!!!  Order yours now in time for the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight!

© Design + Illustration by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

© Design + Illustration by Barkada(ko) Art + Design