Pacquiao Shirts Are Here!

© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of 11/15/10, Zazzle is removing our t-shirts from their store due to copyright infringement.  We thought we would be able to bust a Shepard Fairey since we did take the photos of Pacquiao and draw the portraits ourselves after all!  [sigh]

We can’t believe that a year has gone by since we met MANNY PACQUIAO! Yes!  THE Manny Pacquiao!  You have been sending your requests for shirts and we finally got around to it! Here are a couple designs with a portrait inspired by our legendary Manny sighting!

Head over to Zazzle to get your one-of-a-kind Pacquiao shirts by Barkada(ko) Art + Design!!!  You can pick between our two new designs AND pick the t-shirt cut and color and size!  That means you can ALSO order Pacquiao shirts for your KIDS and BABIES with the handy-dandy Zazzle technology!

  • Pacquiao: Living Legend Tee
  • Pacquiao: Pride of the Philippines Tee

Since these shirts are brand-spankin’ new and won’t be ready for the Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight tomorrow, we’ll be sporting our Philippine flag shirts instead.  Hope you will, too!  Go, Pacquiao!!!

© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

As an extra bonus, we’d like to share some footage we captured during the private, press-only Pacquiao training session back in November 2009 at the WildCard Boxing Club in Los Angeles.  Enjoy!

Movie Poster Design for “Connected”


I’ve always wanted to design movie posters and thanks to Talent House, now is my chance!  They’ve put out a call for entries to create a movie poster for Tiffany Shlain’s new film, “Connected: A Declaration of Interdependence.”

I’m in the process of working on the submission.  I plan for it to be ready in 3 days to hit the contest deadline.  Please check back here to see if I have an update and a link to my submission!

(FYI: I did NOT design the logo above.  I’m tempted to create my own for the poster.  We shall see…!)

Thanks for your interest in my work!

11/15/10: Here’s my submission.  Please vote!


© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

Click for enlarged view of the design. Design Submission

Camp Couch Potato - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + DesignThis is our very first submission to Threadless! We decided to pay tribute to our favorite thing. We literally LOVE potatoes and we love BEING couch potatoes! We decided to create a graphic of an abstraction of a potato plant growing through a couch with satellite dishes as flowers and roots sprouting some of our favorite potato products — chips, fries, and vodka! 😀

We like the idea of a simple 1-color print on a heather gray shirt to make it look more like a vintage camp t-shirt. We think it could work with a solid color or with a cracked distressed texture added to it.

Please score our design to help us get it printed on and help us spread the word! Couch Potatoes of the world unite!

© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

Ideally, we'd love to see the design on an oatmeal heather t-shirt with a distressed texture on it to give it that vintage look.