Hotel Toiletry Temptation

Toiletries at London Hotel, NYC

Toiletries at London Hotel, NYC

Brian and I did a video shoot for a press event in the Penthouse suite at the London Hotel in NYC.  The suite was jigganormous!  Two floors!!!  2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (which were as big as the bedrooms), huge living room, and a kitchen.   And there was a spectacular view of the Hudson.

(We were there to trail celebrity makeup artist, Mally Roncal, who was doing the event as a spokesperson for Q-tips.  Who woulda thunk that Q-tips was so ballin’?) Anyway…  we used one of the bathrooms as our charging station and storage for all our equipment.  You might think that a bathroom would be GHE—TTO.  But goddamn!  That bathroom felt like it was bigger than our apartment!  All day long we were going in and out of this bathroom to replenish batteries or download photos/videos.  Each time, I kept on eyeing the toiletries!

I had to fight every Filipino fiber in my body and soul NOT to dump all this loot into my shoulder bag!  These bottles were HUGE for hotel toiletries!  In the end, I resisted the temptation…  After all, I don’t have any room (or need) for them.  I know.  So un-Filipino of me.

2 thoughts on “Hotel Toiletry Temptation

  1. hi, kuya glenn! that’s a really cool idea to donate those toiletries!… thanks for checking out our blog! can’t wait to check out your adoption blog! hope all’s well! ingat!

  2. Hi Ardith. I’m the same way with toiletries. I usually collect them and give the as gifts to our relatives in the Philippines. I also have a coworker that donates them to homeless shelters!

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