Artist Residency – Day 07

Silhouette Idea for "Experiment" Video

Silhouette Idea for "Experiment" Video

What have I been doing these past few days?  Well…. hmmm… let’s just say that Mom would NOT approve.  In addition to helping out with props and costumes, I was assigned to create storyboards for videos to be used in the play.  The videos were shot yesterday; in silhouette and are of freaky hospital scenes.  I’ll include some illustration examples here and maybe include shots of the final videos later.  I’m only including the Rated PG-13/Rated R ones.  🙂

I had intended to do a blog post each day that I’ve been here at the residency but there has been no time.  We start each day with 10am yoga (for those of you who don’t know me, 10am is EARLY) and then rehearsals all day long until 9pm.  The past few days have been especially long and hectic for me.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, I rented a car to drive 1 hr. 20 minutes each way to Monroe, NY for my work.  So that means that I would get up extra early to do drawings for the play and then come back and continue drawing.  Despite the grueling days, it’s still so much fun.  Somehow we find time to cook for each other and chill out and watch movies.

Storyboard Idea for "Girl and Assistant Director" Video

Artist Residency – Day 01

Theater Interior

Theater Interior

I’m up in the Catskills on a 10-day artist residency with The South Wing (TSW) theater production company.  I’m working on props and costumes for “The Secret Rendezvous” – an adaptation of a Japanese novel.  Very freaky, funny, sad, and generally bizarre.  At the end of the residency, there will be a presentation to potential producers.

My job is pretty difficult because the piece is still so rough.  The scenes still need to be blocked.  The cast hasn’t been able to run through the entire play because the set is still being built.  Needless to say, the props and costumes are going to be the last to be addressed.  So, we’re mainly recycling old TSW costumes and using the cast’s own clothes.  Besides, the play will most likely change further even after the residency.  It would be a waste to sew or buy costumes at this point.

So what the heck am I doing up here?! 🙂  Well, I spent several hours yesterday organizing all the props and costumes that we dragged from the city in the 15 passenger van.  I also sit in on every rehearsal.  I’ve also been drawing and photographing the whole experience…  Oh and naps!  I’m lovin’ nap time in the sun!

Brian, on the other hand, is literally sweatin’ his butt of in rehearsals and playing with all the computer equipment to help out the team of Japanese theater people who came to work on video projections, choreography, and music.

There are 17 of us staying up here in a 3-story guest house right next-door to the theater that’s an old converted church.  Everyone is so talented.  I’ve worked with them before on a different TSW piece a couple years ago so I know most of the people on this trip.  It’s fun.  Like a working vacation.