New Tea Kettle

OXO Tea Kettle

Waiting for the bus today, I decided to make a quick stop at the “Gourmet Chef” store to pick up a much-needed tea kettle.  (My husband, Brian, and I had trashed my little 2-cup bachelorette one by melting the plastic spout cover and sealing the damn thing shut.)  Yesterday, I had already dutifully scoped it out and later did a few price comparisons online.  OXO was definitely the way to go!  Coupon in hand, I marched in to make full use of my 5 precious minutes before the bus’s arrival…  I grabbed it ready to go but then was shocked by the price tag.  $59.99!!!!???  What the..?  For some reason, I had $39.99 burned into my brain.  Wishful thinking, I guess.  I was so disappointed.  Was it still worth it?

After some tedious questions and inspection by the cashier and her manager, I did it!  I scored an extra 10% off in addition to my 20% off coupon!  Yippppeeeeee!  Just when I thought I was causing a scene and feeling ghetto while I was at it…  (I did in fact look like a bag lady today.)  The deal was done!  “Sure,” just like that, the manager just ordered the cashier to do it.  I didn’t even have to try very hard!

As I stood in line for the bus, I was beaming ear to ear.  I normally would never have tried to do that.  I don’t know what possessed me.  Probably tax time and the need to save every damn dime….  It was so Filipino of me!!!!  I should call my mom and tell her.