“Animal Charm” Movie Poster Design Concept

© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design
“Animal Charm” Movie Poster Concept © Design by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Couldn’t resist entering the Talent House design competition for another movie poster.  This one is for the upcoming British indie mini feature starring starring Sadie Frost (Bram Stoker’s Dracula), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones Diary), Emily Beecham (The Street) with cameo appearances from Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) and Boy George.

There are 3 days left to vote!  I appreciate your support!  You can vote via your Facebook account or via SMS.  Just visit my preview page for voting instructions.  Thank you!

Superhero Character for the Stan Lee Foundation

© Illustration by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Super Happy Baby!!!! © Illustration by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

My latest drawing is a submission for the Stan Lee Foundation creative invite to design a superhero.  Of course, this is a perfect excuse for me to use Cedro as a muse.  My superhero is Super Happy Baby!!!!! He can fly!  He can dance!  And he can make ANYONE happy just with his laugh/giggle and golden, sunshine-like radiance.  PLUS he has the ability to make anyone an amazing dancer!  Imagine that!  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone were happy and knew how to dance well?

(Voting starts on February 8th, 2011 and ends on February 14th, 2011.)

Pacquiao Shirts are Here (Again)!


© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

Revised Pacquiao: Living Legend design © Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

Still Christmas shopping?  Look no further!  We’ve redesigned our Pacquiao shirts to comply with the Zazzle content guidelines.  (We think.)  Hopefully, the new shirts will be up there for more than 24 hours!  For those of you who tried to purchase shirts for the Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight, we apologize for the inconvenience. 

© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

Revised Pacquiao: Pride of the Philippines design. © Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

Pacquiao: Shadows Boxing design © Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

Tito Manny is My Hero! © Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

Pacquiao Shirts Are Here!

© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of 11/15/10, Zazzle is removing our t-shirts from their store due to copyright infringement.  We thought we would be able to bust a Shepard Fairey since we did take the photos of Pacquiao and draw the portraits ourselves after all!  [sigh]

We can’t believe that a year has gone by since we met MANNY PACQUIAO! Yes!  THE Manny Pacquiao!  You have been sending your requests for shirts and we finally got around to it! Here are a couple designs with a portrait inspired by our legendary Manny sighting!

Head over to Zazzle to get your one-of-a-kind Pacquiao shirts by Barkada(ko) Art + Design!!!  You can pick between our two new designs AND pick the t-shirt cut and color and size!  That means you can ALSO order Pacquiao shirts for your KIDS and BABIES with the handy-dandy Zazzle technology!

  • Pacquiao: Living Legend Tee
  • Pacquiao: Pride of the Philippines Tee

Since these shirts are brand-spankin’ new and won’t be ready for the Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight tomorrow, we’ll be sporting our Philippine flag shirts instead.  Hope you will, too!  Go, Pacquiao!!!

© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

As an extra bonus, we’d like to share some footage we captured during the private, press-only Pacquiao training session back in November 2009 at the WildCard Boxing Club in Los Angeles.  Enjoy!

Movie Poster Design for “Connected”


I’ve always wanted to design movie posters and thanks to Talent House, now is my chance!  They’ve put out a call for entries to create a movie poster for Tiffany Shlain’s new film, “Connected: A Declaration of Interdependence.”

I’m in the process of working on the submission.  I plan for it to be ready in 3 days to hit the contest deadline.  Please check back here to see if I have an update and a link to my submission!

(FYI: I did NOT design the logo above.  I’m tempted to create my own for the poster.  We shall see…!)

Thanks for your interest in my work!

11/15/10: Here’s my submission.  Please vote!


© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

Click for enlarged view of the design.

Threadless.com Design Submission

Camp Couch Potato - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + DesignThis is our very first submission to Threadless! We decided to pay tribute to our favorite thing. We literally LOVE potatoes and we love BEING couch potatoes! We decided to create a graphic of an abstraction of a potato plant growing through a couch with satellite dishes as flowers and roots sprouting some of our favorite potato products — chips, fries, and vodka! 😀

We like the idea of a simple 1-color print on a heather gray shirt to make it look more like a vintage camp t-shirt. We think it could work with a solid color or with a cracked distressed texture added to it.

Please score our design to help us get it printed on Threadless.com and help us spread the word! Couch Potatoes of the world unite!

© Design by Barkada(ko) Art + Design

Ideally, we'd love to see the design on an oatmeal heather t-shirt with a distressed texture on it to give it that vintage look.


Happy Halloween!

© Photo by Brian Nishii

Twins at Halloween dance party! (Photo by Brian Nishii)

Decided to take advantage of having our parents in town for the weekend for Cedro’s first Halloween (aka free babysitting), so we were able to go out for some quality sister time.  So what did the Barkada(ko) sisters dress up as?  Twins, of course!

Had a great time going out dancing.  First time for me to go out dancing in a year without feeling nauseous!  YAY!  The music was great and we had fun on our double date with our hubbies.

While we were out, we were inspired to make plans to start planning Arty Party 2011.  This time in LA.  This time with a focus on video animations and projections.  We’re thinking maybe in June?  Mark your calendars, friends and family of Barkada(ko)!  Stay tuned!

© Photos by Daniel Yoo

LED wall (Photos by Daniel Yoo)

Exhibition One Hundred Exhibit Closing Day

© Photo by Ardith Ibañez NishiiI wasn’t able to attend the opening reception so I feel fortunate that I had a chance to swing by the gallery space today.  The experience means so much to me on so many different levels.  First, it’s a thrill to see my work on display IN PUBLIC.  It’s the same feeling I get when I bump into someone out and about who happens to be wearing a Barkada(ko) tshirt.  Second, it’s an honor to see my work alongside those of esteemed artists.  Third, it simply makes me happy that I’m drawing again.  Fourth, with my new muse, baby Cedro, in my life, I feel so inspired and motivated to create more art. (Just need to find a way to do it with this breastfeeding lifestyle!)

© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

original charcoal drawing

And last but not least, the act of going to Hollywood with Cedro on my own is a BIG deal!  Leaving the house lately tends to require a 2-hour ritual of feeding, changing, diaper-bag-prepping and emergency-bottle-prepping on top of changing myself into a presentable nursing-friendly outfit, putting on a little makeup to disguise the fact that I’m sleep-deprived, packing some water and a snack for myself, packing whatever I need for my final destination and looking up directions in case my navigation thingie on my phone poops out.

Thanks to my husband, Brian, we were able to get out the door together in 35 minutes!  So, out we went in the Nishii-mobile minivan.  We dropped off Brian at his audiobook recording gig in Studio City so I could have access to the car and continued on to Hollywood at the A & I Gallery.  I feel more and more empowered to run errands on my own with Cedro and generally live life beyond our little apartment!  It feels like yesterday when I felt like it would be next to impossible to leave the house at all!  I’ve definitely come a long way.

© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Cedro, my model and muse

So here’s to new beginnings!  To the rebirth of my artistic career and to my new life as a mommy.

While today is the closing day of the exhibit at A & I Gallery, you can continue to purchase a print at the Exhibition One Hundred website.  I must give a shout-out to Barkada(ko) supermodel and superfriend, Cat Jimenez, founder and curator of Edition One Hundred.  Thank you, Cat, for believing in me.

Edition One Hundred Art Show

Ardith's submission to Edition One Hundred - LOVE COMES FIRST

"Love Comes First" by Ardith Ibañez Nishii... featured on Edition One Hundred

I am pleased to announce that (a) I am drawing again! and (b) one of my drawings has been selected to be a part of the Edition One Hundred “Freedom + Revolution” show!  What is Edition One Hundred?  It’s a curated online gallery of limited edition art prints.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the opening art reception on October 2nd.  (I’ll be in norcal for a cousin’s wedding.)  The LA launch party sounds like another spectacular event put on by my dear friend and founder of EOH, Cat Jimenez.  I encourage you all to attend!

For more info:

Why I Haven’t Blogged in a While

December 3, 2009 pregnancy test

December 3, 2009 Pregnancy Test // New York City, NY

I wish I could say that I’m embarrassed that I haven’t posted since November 2009, but I’m not.  As you may or may not have heard, I’m havin’ a baby!  My due date is around the corner (August 1st) so it’s high time that I share an official post about my pregnancy!

My first trimester was a biatch!  For the first 4.5 months, I was pretty much in bed the whole time, extremely nauseous and uncomfortable.  I kept a “heaving” log and would clock up to 18 power dry-heaves a day.  Fun.  All of a sudden, my sense of smell and taste became so sensitive.  The only consolation I had was the fact that my nausea was a good sign that my pregnancy was progressing.


  • MUSHY FOOD: examples – Filipino arroz caldo, bananas, etc.
  • RED MEAT: except lamb
  • onions
  • large portions of anything
  • the smell of coffee
  • strong perfumes or colognes


  • FRUIT!
  • LAMB!
  • preserved, salty Chinese plums
  • Filipino homecooking (tinola, adobo, etc.)
  • homemade dried fruit by Maura Donohue (especially the dried green apples and mangoes!)
  • fried eggs, rice, and ketchup


  • Vics VapoRub under my nose
  • U-shaped body pillow
  • Netflix
  • Hulu.com
  • popsicles
  • frozen grapes
  • pre-natal yoga
  • my husband’s patience!!!
  • Skechers Shape-Up sneakers: officially the UGLIEST pair of shoes I have ever owned but the only comfortable footwear I could tolerate because my feet were in so much pain!  The big bonus is that it HAS indeed toned up my legs from wearing them almost non-stop since November!

I want to send an extra shout-out to my husband, Brian!  I know my first trimester was a difficult and desperate time for him.  As you may already know, he is an exceptional chef, but he had to deal with my constant and seemingly insatiable hunger.  All day long I would complain of being hungry but I could never really know what I wanted to eat until it was too late.  Then, by the time he would prepare it for me, I would have changed my mind completely!  Poor Brian!  He gained so much weight because of me and my wasted food!  He took so many hits for the team!  Love you, Brian!!!

What a relief when the nausea disappeared!  [I remember my very last Yack Attack was in mid-February immediately after we landed at JFK after my best friend’s wedding in SF.  It was the first time in my whole life I’ve ever needed a barf bag!]

My second trimester was marked by the need to sleep AT LEAST 10-12 hours a night!  What a luxury!  This was also the same period of time that we were… I mean, that Brian was frantically packing up to move out of New York City.  With the help of close friends, and our brother-in-law, Ray, and Brian’s dad who had flown in from Tokyo, Brian miraculously got us all packed up and out to start our new journey to Los Angeles.

We had a 3-week detour in Ithaca, NY, where we spent time with my sister-in-law and her family.  I also started to do some pre-natal yoga which I highly recommend!  It’s the ELEMENT Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga DVD by Elena Brower.  I would try to do it a few times a week and I never got sick of it.  I always felt like it gave me a great workout while making me feel relaxed and refreshed at the same time.

Growing up, I had always imagined that I wouldn’t want to know if I was having a boy or a girl during pregnancy until the delivery date.  But as soon as I got pregnant, I was DYING to know!  I had a not-so-secret preference of wanting a baby boy because I was really looking forward to having a mini-Brian!  Needless to say, I was extra thrilled to discover that, in fact, we were having a boy!!!  This will be a huge learning experience for me considering I have only had  sisters and mainly girl cousins in my family, but I am overjoyed to have my dream come true of having a mini-Brian in my life!

IT'S A BOY! sonogram

Why We Haven't Blogged in a Long Long Time....!

We are now officially moved into our new apartment in LA as of June 1 and we LOVE it!!!  It’s so nice to have a sun-flooded apartment with a little more space AND which is walking distance to our favorite shops and restaurants and so close to my sister and future brother-in-law (aka: our future babysitters!)!!!!

I am now one of those annoyingly blissful pregnant women who LOVES being pregnant.  I describe myself as a mommy kangaroo carrying around my baby and not really disturbed by the alien feeling of this future breakdancer spinning and kicking around inside me.   I have lost track of what week of pregnancy I’m in and I feel like I’m living in the moment.  I feel good.  I feel healthy.  Thanks to Junior, I feel the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life.  I’ve never been this in tune with my body.

I’ve stepped up my yoga training by signing up for classes with Gail Bennett who teaches all over Los Angeles.  I signed up for a pre-natal yoga workshop at the Hub which is in our neighborhood and ended up having private sessions because no one else had signed up!  I felt bad for her and the studio but I was so glad for me and the baby!  Private lessons!  YAY!  The workshop at the Hub is over but I’m going to try to take Gail’s other classes at YogaWest and GoldenBridge until the baby comes.

Brian and I do fluctuate between being a little FREAKED OUT to feeling totally Zen and go-with-the-flow about the upcoming delivery and general life-altering experience of having a child.  We are slowly feeling less and less panicked about the What-We-Need-To-Do-Before-the-Baby-is-Born List… not so much because the hospital bag is, in fact, packed and we’re already registered at the hospital… There are a few things left, but right now, I’m not going to obsess over the fact that I’m still trying to wrap up work projects or that our humidifier doesn’t work.  The baby’s coming whether we’re ready or not!  We’re trying to remind ourselves that this is all part of our vida loca and we’re just going to take it a day at a time like we always do!

In conclusion, I will say that being pregnant has been amazing.  I feel like I’m part of a secret, elite club.  I feel blessed to be in this position.  It has been so cool and weird to have random strangers congratulate me on the street as I go about my business, to have a partner who loves and supports me unconditionally, and to have close friends and family surrounding us in this time in our lives.

Here’s a hysterical video that a friend passed on to me last week.  Enjoy!