Happy Halloween!

© Photo by Brian Nishii

Twins at Halloween dance party! (Photo by Brian Nishii)

Decided to take advantage of having our parents in town for the weekend for Cedro’s first Halloween (aka free babysitting), so we were able to go out for some quality sister time.  So what did the Barkada(ko) sisters dress up as?  Twins, of course!

Had a great time going out dancing.  First time for me to go out dancing in a year without feeling nauseous!  YAY!  The music was great and we had fun on our double date with our hubbies.

While we were out, we were inspired to make plans to start planning Arty Party 2011.  This time in LA.  This time with a focus on video animations and projections.  We’re thinking maybe in June?  Mark your calendars, friends and family of Barkada(ko)!  Stay tuned!

© Photos by Daniel Yoo

LED wall (Photos by Daniel Yoo)

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