PACQUIAO: Up Close and Personal/Day One


Posing for photographers at media day at the Wild Card Gym, Los Angeles, CA.


My sister and I had the honor and privilege of meeting the Pride of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao!  We never dreamed this could ever be possible but our good friend (and OG Barkadako model) Gary Zane introduced us to his friend/former co-worker Roweena Encarnacion, part of Manny’s LA inner circle!  We met her at the Wild Card Boxing Gym where she was sporting the Barkadako Flag shirt!  Love it!

roweenaardith copy

Ardith with our new friend, Roweena.


Wild Card Gym, Los Angeles, CA

While waiting outside, we decided to practice our paparazzi skills:


Michael Koncz's secret meeting...hmmmmm


Shawn Porter, part of the sparring squad, poses for pics with fans.

While Manny was finishing up his closed training session, we met lots of fellow Manny fans, supporters, and friends.  The most popular probably being one of his trainers, BUBOY!  Super friendly and super funny!  He even gave us a stylish Manny Pacquiao Sweatshirt.  While Buboy was chatting it up with us and the rest of the folks waiting, HBO was filming him for the HBO 24/7 show.  If you watch the 3rd episode of the Pacquiao/Cotto series, you can catch a blurry glimpse of us! Check out the HBO website for more info!


Buboy in a BARKADA(KO) sandwich!


Pacquiao sweatshirt from Buboy!


HBO 24/7 crew filming Buboy.It is this very film crew that immortalizes the Barkada(ko) ladies in HBO history!

While we were outside, Manny had already ended his training session and was at his regular eating spot – a Thai restaurant in the same complex as the Wild Card Boxing gym.  A group of fans had formed outside waiting for Manny to finish his dinner.  We were thinking that this was the end of Day One: Mission to Meet Manny but to our surprise, with the help of Roweena and Buboy, we were ushered inside the small restaurant. YIKES! We walked in and there he was!  I looked around and recognized almost everyone.  From his trainers, to security, to his brother — pretty much everyone had a purpose there except for us!  We attempted to look like we belonged but we were the only two people with gigantour cameras around our necks; and the fact that we had identical crazy looks on our face from all the excitement didn’t help our efforts to blend.  A few minutes later, Manny got up to leave for the Jimmy Kimmell show – and that’s when Buboy urged us to get up so we could get a picture with him.  Even though he was late for the show, he was nice enough to stop and take a couple of shots with us.

first copy

Posing with the Barkada(ko) posse before heading off to the Jimmy Kimmell show!

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