A new way to eat an old treat!


I ALWAYS run into problems whenever i decide to do jello shots!  I mean i run into problems when i make jello shots…I have no problems doing the shots…hehehehe.

I could never decide how to present the perfect shot!  I used to make the jello and have people scoop up a shot with a spoon!  (not that hygenic!); then i decided, individual shots are better so i would steal plastic condiment containers from the commissary at my work (i would also have co-workers do the dirty deed with me….stealing containers…not the other “dirty deed”).

Then finally, while searching online, i discovered a wonderful way to make the shots – USING ORANGE SLICES!  You just cut the oranges in half, scoop out the inside (you can eat these later; in my case, i fed it to a hungry boyfriend), pour the jello in and let it sit.  When it solidifies, you cut them into slices!  It looks better and it feels more organic!  The orange aftertaste is a plus too!  It tastes a lot better going down!  YUMMY!

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